The positive effects of charity work are known worldwide. Whether you are working directly in your community or for a country that is halfway around the world, you can make a positive impact on another person’s life. While there are many different types of charities, from healthcare related ones to ones that focus on food and ones that want to give every child an education, no matter which one you work with you, as the volunteer, can gain from the experience. Volunteering doesn’t just benefit the people that you are helping, it helps you too. From feeling good about yourself, to helping other people, learning life lessons and even getting a tax deduction, volunteering has many benefits for all parties involved. This blog post outlines eight reasons why participating in charity work is important. However, it’s important to remember that the reasons are endless. You can constantly find new reasons why the work you do to help other people is important. But the only way to find out is to get involved!

Personal satisfaction

Volunteering isn’t one of the most glamorous things to do, but it is one of the most beneficial and uplifting. It’s easy to find a charity that you are passionate about, since there are so many organizations across the world. You can find a charity that aims to find a cure for cancer, or wants to help homeless children in China, or aims to feed the hungry in Africa. Almost any cause that you want to help out has a charity behind it. Helping an organization that is dedicated to the same mission as you makes the time and money you put into the charity more meaningful. Moreover, you will be more likely to put your all into helping a charity that you are passionate about.

Supporting a cause can help keep you informed about issues of social injustice

Before donating to a charity it is important to do your research. Unfortunately, some “charities” are actually hoaxes, keeping more money for themselves then they are letting you believe. However, this is not true for most organizations! Nevertheless, doing your research is important. By learning about charities before choosing one to work with, you become more educated about the social injustices around the world. You may discover new points of view and opinions on topics about which you were previously uninformed. This new knowledge will give you a better and more educatedly aware standpoint on the social problems around the world.

Community Benefit

If you work with a charity that is based in your local community you are offering your time and services to the greater good of your community. Moreover, you are providing goods and services to people in your community who might not have access to them otherwise. Doing so helps build a stronger community. When the standard of living for others in your community rises, so does, by association, your own standard of living. On the other hand, if you work with an organization that helps other communities, you are helping the world.

Tax deductions

Charity work is not without benefits to those volunteering. In addition to the satisfaction of helping others, some of the money you donate or spend performing charitable duties is deductible on federal tax returns for those who itemize deductions. You are allowed to claim mileage to and from volunteer work at the charity mileage rate and deduct other out-of-pocket expenses that directly relate to you providing services for free, according to the rules of the Internal Revenue Service.

Matching gifts

Speak to your boss in order to find out if your company is involved in matching gifts. Many corporations will match a charitable contribution that you make. Oftentimes they will match it dollar-for-dollar. It is possible that you can even make donations with automatic payroll deductions. Utilizing a matching gift program will not only maximize the impact of your support, but also boost your company’s charitable activities through the charity of your choice.

Gaining new experiences and insights

Volunteering gives you the ability to get involved with new things and develop technical and social skills that couldn’t be learned elsewhere. No matter where you volunteer you are being exposed to different environments and situations. Moreover, many people who volunteer come out with newfound interests, opinions, and hobbies. Doing something that is not what you normally do and possible outside of your comfort zone expands your horizons.

Giving back and helping others

If you are even considering volunteering, then you are pretty lucky. More than likely not, you have the time and/or resources to dedicate towards helping others, even if it’s just a small amount. You are in the fortunate position to help other people get closer to a comfortable standard of living.

Creating connections with people

No matter how old you are, it’s imperative to build relationships with people. You will meet a large variety of people while volunteering, from children to elders. Doing so allows you to connect with people that you wouldn’t have otherwise met or ever spoke to. You can hear other people’s life stories and better understand the scope of what you work is doing to help others.