Daniel Neiditch’s Videos

Daniel Neiditch on stage with Stephen Colbert and Julia Louis-Dreyfus for Montclair Film annual charity event in New Jersey. There were over 3,000 people in attendance to support this wonderful organization. Neiditch asked the duo what legacy they want to leave for future generations, and the crowd laughed as Dreyfus and Colbert had hilarious answers.

Daniel Neiditch and Evander “the real deal” Holyfield Boxing to Knockout Autism for good. They are continuing their efforts to raise awareness for this important cause. Evander is the only 4 time heavyweight champion of the world.

Dan Neiditch President of River 2 River Realty and Paul Rudd at an event for the Say organization.

River 2 River Realty CEO Daniel Neiditch at The Israel Day Parade in 2019 as an honorary guest.

Daniel Neiditch throws out the first pitch at a Minnesota Twins Game on behalf of the Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation.

Daniel Neiditch President of River 2 River Realty throwing out the first pitch at Major League Baseball Red Sox Game for charity to help underprivileged children.