About Daniel Neiditch

Dan Neiditch is a leading real estate expert in New York with a passion for providing personalized customer service and helping people find new, exciting opportunities. Neiditch is the president of River 2 River Realty, Inc., a well-known real estate agency that helps people buy, sell, rent, and manage properties across New York and beyond. He has devoted his life to directly connecting with people, understanding their concerns and their goals, and helping them build their lives. In addition to his real estate expertise, Dan Neiditch is actively involved with charity work and is always seeking out new ways to help people get ahead.

Daniel Neiditch believes in helping people who cannot help themselves. He cares about and donates to a number of different causes, and the majority of the organizations are devoted to children. Dan devotes much of his efforts to children who have suffered abuse, and he contributes to their healing processes by finding counselors and therapists who will meet with them and help them work through their struggles.

In addition to this, Dan Neiditch devotes a lot of his philanthropic efforts to funding the basic medical and personal care that every child deserves. He provides financial donations to children who need lifesaving organ transplant surgeries. One of Dan’s most fulfilling experiences was traveling to Africa with an organization that provided doctors for children who needed medical attention. He also knows a number of doctors personally and regularly meets with them to help them with medical supply needs. Dan also works to provide important resources and outreach options for families with children who have special needs.

Daniel Neiditch uses his experience in River 2 River Realty, Inc. and his family’s real estate firm to help those in need as well. He has built his life around the importance of homes, and he understands that a new home can be a totally new start for people. So Dan has used his real estate prowess to provide homeless people with apartments to help them get back on their feet. He also contributes to organizations that provide important necessities for the homeless and has personally helped them find employment opportunities.

The Clinton Foundation is a driving force in Daniel’s charity efforts. He is a longtime contributor of the nonprofit foundation, which focuses on health, economic empowerment, female leadership, and combating climate change. Daniel also participates in nonprofit efforts that provide immediate aid and long term opportunities for people who are trying to rebuild their lives after natural disasters. He is a contributor of the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, which was initially founded in response after the destructive earthquake in Haiti in 2010, but continues to empower Haiti and improve their economic prospects to this day. Daniel is also a contributor to the Bush Foundation.

Along with the organizations in which he is currently involved, Dan Neiditch is always looking to expand his outreach to those in need. He wants to more directly reach out to people and raise funds for important causes.